Welcome to My Summary of Learning (Part 1 & Part 2)

What a wild ride this semester has been!

I wanted to share with you my Summary of Learning, Part 1 and Part 2!!

I chose to do a more detailed account of the weekly learnings because I wanted an easy reference of what I am taking away from this course. When I look back at all the topics and ideas we covered throughout the semester I realize how much I didn’t know before this course. I have much appreciation for the course content and the way we learned together during our classes, through Google Plus, and with our blogs.

I can honestly say that at the beginning of the semester I would not have ever tried to create an animated video with programs like AdSpark, VideoScribe or PowToon. After trying out several different programs I decided that PowToon was the least complicated to work with and easiest to fall into a rhythm in creating.

Saying that, creating my Summary of Learning was no easy task and I will not likely create an animated video for quite some time. I do however, endeavor to continue blogging and continue engaging with others via Twitter.

I am really excited to engage with others’ summaries and to keep in touch with the members of this course as they have become an important part of my PLN!

Thanks for reading!




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