What can pregnancy teach me about myself, my community, my world?

Taken from Johannes Jander Flickr

In the first EC&I 831 class I learned about all of the ways I would be challenged to become tech and social media literate. One of these challenges involves a semester-long commitment to a digital learning project.

Over the course of the last two weeks I have thoughtfully considered and weighed the importance and outcomes of studying various topics of interest. Some of these topics include: yoga, vegetarian cooking, the ukulele, or photography. Though studying any one of these topics would be interesting and enjoyable, I have recently learned that I am pregnant and am finding it difficult to think of much else. I have so many questions about what I am experiencing, and from the little research I have done I am learning that there are so many perspectives on pregnancy and how to raise a good person.

It’s going to get quite personal, and I am prepared for that. Are you?

Some questions that I have been asking so far include:

  • What is happening in my body that makes me feel so bone-tired?
  • Am I really showing early or is that just bloating? How do you know? I guess you know when you know?
  • I haven’t had my first ultrasound yet, but on days where I feel like myself, is it possible that I have lost the baby?
  • What if I don’t do this whole pregnancy thing right? I know there isn’t necessarily a ‘right’ way to do it, but what if I screw it up somehow?

I have decided to track and explore my pregnancy and all of the questions that arise as I prepare for childbirth and becoming a mother. Each week I will explore aspects of my relationship with an issue, topic, theory, or practice involved in pregnancy.

Some of the online learning resources that I am aware of and will explore include:

I am grateful for the opportunity to integrate important elements of my life that are not profession driven, into my learning throughout this master’s course.

If you are someone who has insight into learning about pregnancy and parenthood I welcome your suggestions for online learning resources that I can explore throughout the semester.


6 thoughts on “What can pregnancy teach me about myself, my community, my world?

  1. I love this! I am so glad you are taking advantage of the huge learning curve of pregnancy and parenting and documenting that journey with us. It will be a privilege for us! I would suggest following some positive people on Instagram. Personally I like @birthwithoutfear (options, support, respect) @stopcensoringmotherhood (education, empowering) @4thtribodies (4th Trimester Body project to promote positive body image for post partum women) and @takebackpostpartum (postpartum, parenthood, solidarity)

    I hope this is helpful 🙂



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